History & Our Mission

In August 1989 Casey Williams finished what seemed like an endless year of multiple rewrites on a script for one of Hollywood’s major companies when they ordered yet another rewrite. Among the executive’s comments was a request that a troublesome word be changed because they didn’t know the meaning of it. Casey wondered if any of them owned a dictionary. The sad fact was that the project was hopelessly lost in a tug-of-war between business executives who wanted to put their own stamp on a story they had no understanding how to tell -- a frustration Casey lamented about to a colleague later that day. This Hollywood insider observed, "The fact is, pretty much all of the big commercial films being released by major studios these days have a certain written-by-chimps-locked-in-a-room-with-a-laptop quality. Story lines veer in nonsensical directions, dialogue is dim or dopey, and characters have the heft of balsa wood. The rock bed basics of dramatic writing… of what once made Hollywood great have been altogether forgotten."

Paradigm motion Picture Company was born that day – founded on the philosophy that once there had existed a synergistic cooperation between art, science, and business; and that that synergism could exist again.

Paradigm Motion Picture Company is built upon that foundation; identifying the reasons why some film ventures are successful while others are not, and creating a model for filmmaking that provides not only a new “paradigm” for success in motion picture production but a profound opportunity for investment.

Paradigm is an Academy Award winning enterprise engaged in the development and production of motion picture films for theatrical, television, and electronic medium release. Paradigm’s goals are to make films that advance the art and language of cinema, transcend the ordinary, are cost effective to produce, have keen public appeal, and will create strong profit returns.