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Casey G. Williams
Casey G. Williams

Casey Williams is an Academy Award-winning filmmaker ranked among the top documentary filmmakers in the world. He is also a noted screenwriter, producer, and director. Casey is a truly versatile filmmaker with credits that range from animation, cinematography, film editing, writing, directing and producing. He is an international consultant on editing theory and screenwriting technique and was invited to teach at the National Film Institute of India. He has been the subject of a documentary film produced by NHK in Japan and is the subject of a textbook used by film students in India. His advances in film editing theory are used worldwide.

It was in his hometown theater, during Saturday matinees, that he first fell in love with movies and knew that he had to be a part of the film business. After earning a degree in psychology and spending time in Asia where he learned to speak Chinese, he became a consultant to film companies seeking permission to film in Mainland China. It was through this channel that he entered filmmaking. He produced travel promotional and educational documentaries for such notable clients as United Airlines, Korean Airlines, Hemphill Harris and Hoffman Travel, before returning to school to work on an MFA in Film Production.

He was a founding member of the Utah Film Front, served as the Associate Director of the Utah Film and Video Center for a number of years, and established the UFVC Outdoor Cinema Series. He was Producer and Director of “Art Works For Kids,” a pilot program used by Salt Lake City School District, Central City Community Council, and Lincoln Elementary School. The program was successful in restoring discipline, uniting gangs, and developing community pride. He is member of the Artist Resource Center for the Utah Arts Council, Screenwriting and Media Arts Workshops; and serves on the Utah Arts Council Artist Grant Board.

He has taught film theory and production at Columbia University, the University of Utah, Weber State University, Brigham Young University, Neumont University, and Poitiers Film School in France, and is a Lifelong Learning Instructor for the University of Utah Division of Continuing Education Screenwriting Workshops.

Casey has received numerous international awards for his films including the Cine-Eagle, the National Educational Film and Video Gold Apple, as well as an Academy Award.