Paul Ferguson
Producer / Historian / Research Specialist

Paul was recently asked to become part of the Paradigm Motion Picture team. His interest in film was sparked at Zweibrucken, Germany when his father took him to see the James Bond Film, Goldfinger. The legacy of “film for families” was great fun for Paul and in Sardinia he recalls watching in fascination Shenandoah and 55 Days to Peking. At University the one film course available to him, transformed his interest in film when the class compared the classic films of Japan with the classic films of Australia.

After 30 years in the museum and archives field Paul’s passion brings to Paradigm an interest in the development of content, an understanding of the successful use of collections and imagery and a profound interest in the relationship of the viewer to the scenes in front of them. Exhibitions are similar to film, the story leads the viewer but there still must be something worthy to see. He believes strongly in his personal motto, “To deepen not broaden.”

Paul’s personal interest in military history was kindled as a youth living overseas and across Canada. He continues to travel, largely to places that have been witness to the devastation of the First and Second World Wars. These explorations have taken him to England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Malta. He has also taken the time to study the complex network of the Canadian home front, visited with memorials across Canada, and learned from the experiences of watching visitors to the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii.

It is from this gathering of experience that Paul continues along his path, recalling all the while his grandmother, whose father did not return from the First World War, how it had shaped her life and how her experience continues to inspire him.