Duane Loose
Production Designer/ Digital FX Supervisor

Duane is a highly respected, industry veteran Production Designer, Art Director, Industrial Designer and Digital Artist who began his association with Casey Williams in 1973.

Duane's credits include live action and animated feature films, video games for Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive, Kaos (THQ) and critically acclaimed webseries for Sony Pictures Television International and NBC Digital. His design and production work have won multiple industry awards for excellence. He opened alpha ZED studios, in 2007.

He is the published author of two books and many articles on 3D and what it means to be a digital artist and currently teaches CG production at Ai San Diego. He is a former member of the faculty at Massachusetts College of Art, M.I.T, Rhode Island School of Design and California State University at Long Beach and the game, media, animation and Industrial Design faculty advisory committees at Brigham Young University, Ai/Pittsburgh, Ai/San Diego, and Ferris State University.

Please visit www.alphazedstudios.com to see Duane's portfolio and to access his current CV.