Dave Evanoff
Sound Design / Music Composer / Sound Engineer

Dave and Casey go way back when they attended film school together. Dave has been engineering and producing ever since. He is an award winning audio engineer for television and radio. Dave has composed award winning music for film and television, hundreds of jingles and music for special live events.

Dave has worked on many films as sound editor, Foley engineer, ADR engineer and mixer. Dave owns and operates Sound Designs Studio which is equipped for all aspects of Film and Television post production work, including 5.1 surround sound editing, mixing and encoding. Dave has been post audio editor and mixer on hundreds of television shows and documentaries. His studio can supply television audio in stereo, Dolby surround, 5.1 AC3 and soon in Dolby E surround.

Dave has been working with Pro Tools longer than any other operator in Utah. He purchased his first system in 1987. There is not a quicker, more efficient Pro Tools engineer in the area. Dave can be trusted with providing the highest quality audio product you can hear.