Ian S. Williams Ian S. Williams
Ian S. Williams

Ian Williams is an acclaimed writer, producer, and director of documentary films and multimedia events.

Ian began his film career by following his father with a film camera and assisting him in the production of his award winning films. It was in the school of practical experience that he learned the art and language of cinema. Determined not to ride his father’s coattails, Ian went on to study film and communications at the University of Utah.

Ian became fascinated with the advances in digital film production and immersed himself in the emerging technologies. From motion graphics and composting to 3D applications he proved a talent at each and is currently pioneering new techniques in the presentation of archival photographs in documentary filmmaking.

After exploring film education in various venues Ian recognized what he felt was a growing problem, the wide spread loss of the basic principles that make movies timeless. Disappointed in what he found offered elsewhere, Ian returned to the source of what he calls the best cinematic education he ever received. Upon his return Ian entered into a partnership with his award winning father, Casey Williams, and became part of Paradigm MPC.

In 2006, Ian produced the critically acclaimed ‘Pipes of War Memorial Concert’ for the Salt Lake Scots Pipe Band. In addition to editing and publishing a companion booklet to the evening’s entertainment, Ian wrote, produced, and directed a series of documentary shorts that bridged the musical numbers and introduced a storyline for the audience to follow. Popular columnist Robert Kirby of the Salt Lake Tribune wrote, “Exactly what appeals to me about the pipes has until recently been a complete mystery. Thanks to [Ian Williams] and the Salt Lake Scots, I think I get it now. On Saturday…the Scots held their 18th annual concert. The program featured “The Pipes of War,” a tribute to the bagpipe’s role during armed conflict. Not only was the music enjoyable, it was educational. The course of history has been changed by the blood-stirring sound of bagpipes exhorting men to press on when common sense hollered otherwise.”

Those visually stunning and emotionally driven documentary shorts caught the attention of members of Neumont University’s administration. Ian was quickly contracted to produces several commercial and industrial spots for the school. Impressed with the caliber of work, Neumont entered into a long-term relationship with Paradigm MPC. In the fall of 2010 Neumont will launch a film program supported by Paradigm’s principles Casey and Ian Williams.

Ian is also a published author and an award wining competitive bagpiper. It is through these combined passions that he brings a unique and deeply personal perspective to the Pipes of War project which he currently spearheads for Paradigm.